Remembering Overview

Match Ups! is a classic exercise for improving short term memory. Some of the pictures are fairly easy to tell apart, the people pictures are each unique, while others, like the bunnies, are much harder—there are lots of similar pictures of two or three brown bunnies. There is also a group of pictures where the match isn’t the same picture but its opposite e.g. up/down, left/right. Several of the card sets have words instead of pictures. To make it even more interesting, one set—States and Capitals—matches the state with its capital.

Put Same with Same is a matching exercise. Look at the picture (or word) at the top of the screen. It will be on the screen for a few seconds before it is turned over, so pay attention. It is then turned over and four similar pictures are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Drag the picture from the top of the screen to the matching picture on the bottom of the screen. If you are correct, the picture will display a pink frame around it. If it is not correct, the picture will bounce back to the top of the screen and turn over. Try again. If you are using an iPod or iPad, you can touch the correct picture on the bottom of the screen rather than dragging the picture.

There are two versions with pictures: Verbs with pictures from Look! Listen! and Learn Language! and Artic IV from Articulation IV. There are four versions with words: A&M:MW1 has words from Auditory and Visual Memory Module of Attention and Memory:Volume 1. Deceiving and Look Alike have words from Appearances can be Deceiving, and Anagrams has words from the Anagrams page on this site.

These exercises have not been updated to work on phones, but if you are using a phone to view these exercises, you might want to rotate it to landscape mode for easier playing.