LocuTour's attention and memory software is appropriate for persons with auditory processing and visual perception perceptual disorders, TBI from stroke or accident, and developmental delay. The software provides strategies and practice to improve: Scanning and Rehearsal, Selective Attention, Divided Attention, Functional Attention, Visual Processing, and Working Memory.

Attention and Memory: Volume I

This CD was designed to treat attention and memory deficits from a variety of causes. All of the activities are appropriate for children (as young as pre-K) and adults, depending on the starting point and treatment goals.

Attention and Memory: Volume II

This title develops functional memory and attention skills by directly teaching memory strategies and then applying these memory strategies to daily living. Use this computer-assisted protocol when a linguistic and cognitive processing approach is optimal.

Attention and Memory Combo

Exercises for…
Attention and Auditory Memory Disorders; Visual-Perceptual and Sound Discrimination; Reading Comprehension; Functional Memory Strategies, and more.
Engage all ages with…
challenging, interactive, research-based cognitive activities.
Clients work independently…
saving time and money.