LocuTour products are designed by Speech-Language Pathologists who have many years of experience working with children and adults with language, speech, and attention issues. Our software uses colorful pictures to grab your client’s attention but the most important part of the software is the built-in voice recorder. Clients can hear their own voice, compare it to our production, hear the difference, and make corrections. After the SLP explains how to make the correct sounds, they quickly become adept at changing their own speech.


Our speech titles consist of the Articulation series, the Phonology series, and Speech Visualization.

Artic R, S, L, Th

Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th is the newest title in our Articulation series. Practice four of the most common articulation targets in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and in Consonant Clusters. Sort the words by target sound and position and by curriculum area. Groups include: Computer-related words, Measurement words, and School-related words.

Artic Combos

Artic Combo has all five articulation CDs. Articulation I: Consonant Phonemes with 1,320 words with the target phoneme in the initial, medial, and final positions. The words are grouped by voiced/voiceless phoneme pairs into eleven categories. Articulation II: Consonant Clusters contains 766 words that have a consonant combination in the initial, medial, or final position. Articulation III: Vowels + R and R Clusters provides 572 attention grabbing stimuli for your clients who have difficulty articulating /r/. Articulation IV: R, S, L, Th has four of the most common articulation targets in the Initial, Medial, and Final positions and in Consonant Clusters. Artic Games & More is flexible enough to be used with most children on your caseload, whether your clients are working on articulation, phonology, vocabulary, or word finding.

Phonology Combos

Phonology Combo contains Phonology I and Phonology II. They are based on Hodson and Paden’s phonological approach to remediating unintelligible speech. The goal is to elicit a large number of productions and provide interesting auditory bombardment sessions. Target patterns are: final consonants; initial consonants; initial S clusters; initial L and R clusters; and two and three syllable words. Phonology I has three “work” exercises and three “application” exercises. Phonology II has six exercises that are more game-like than work. Both CDs use the same word lists. Because they are aimed at young children they use simple colorful drawings as stimuli.

Artic Games and More

Artic Games and More is an extremely flexible program that allows you to tailor each session for the needs of your client. Start by choosing a focus: Articulation, Phonology, Content, or It’s a... The focus area determines word choice and how the words are presented. The Articulation focus is similar to the presentation in the Articulation series. Words are presented with words, phrases, sounds, and sentences as stimuli. Unlike the Artic series, there are five more exercises that allow practice of the words in different contexts. The Phonology focus is organized by speech pattern and is designed to elicit a large number of productions of the target patterns. The Content focus is designed for clients with fund of knowledge issues. The It’s a... focus provides cueing for clients with Aphasia and Apraxia. This program is flexible enough for you to use with each of your speech clients.

Speech Visualization

Speech Visualization is a spectral speech tool that allows real-time viewing of speech; visual comparison between speech models; analysis of the voice sample; and simplified record keeping. Target four communication areas: Breath Support and Loudness; Pitch and Intonation; Voicing; and Timing, Rate, and Rhythm. Client Manager helps speech professionals keep track of client progress. It can be used to track progress on LocuTour software or for sessions that do not involve any computer work.



Literacy is a complete literacy program that takes the student from basic sound/symbol correlation through multisyllable spelling. Phonemic Awareness is our most important program. It has seven exercises that provide the basics of phoneme recognition and production, sound to symbol correlation, sound segmentation, blending, and syllable segmentation. Students who master this CD have a strong foundation for reading mastery. In Rules, Rules, Rules! students learn the basic rules for reading and spelling by identifying the vowel sound in a word, sounding out the word, and identifying the rule. “Spelling Test on Friday!” teaches a six-step process—look, listen, say, listen, spell, check—for accurate spelling.

Literacy: Visual Perception


In Appearances can be Deceiving students practice “seeing” words. The screen has target words and foils that are visually similar. Scan the words and click on the target words.



Our language titles cover a wide range of language issues. Look! Listen! and Learn Language! and Train Time focus on language issues faces by children with language delay, PDD, Autism, and Asperger Syndrome. They are also fun for all children learning language.

Attention and Memory

The attention programs are based on the literature of brain plasticity. They have progressive levels of difficulty that the client works through. The objective is to master the task (86% correct rate) then improve speed of processing. Most of the exercises focus on one or two aspects of attention at a time: Immediate; Focused or Selective; Sustained or Vigilance; Divided; Alternating; and Spatial.


All of our software can be used with children and adults with attention issues and the manuals for each title explain how attention exercises can be worked into the primary therapy. We have two titles that focus specifically on Attention and Memory. Attention and Memory: Volume 1 was designed to treat attention and memory deficits from a variety of causes. All of the activities are appropriate for children (as young as pre-K) and adults, depending on the starting point and treatment goals. Attention and Memory: Volume II is a followup to A&M I that develops functional memory and attention skills by directly teaching memory strategies and then applying these memory strategies to daily living.

En Español

Spanish Titles

The Spanish Language Combo lets monolingual Speech-Language Pathologists provide phonological treatment for their bilingual clients. Spanish Phonology: Intervention is a practical resource for the Speech-Language Pathologist working with bilingual or monolingual Spanish speaking children with phonological delay. Palabras Básicas has the basic words learned in early language development. Many photos have a white background to make it easy for children to distinguish figure/ground. Es Todo allows clients with word finding deficits to practice word finding skills using real photographs of food, household objects, animals and other objects that we see everyday.


Every client begins therapy with a different skill set and therapy plan. All of the titles have an options page that allows the clinician to customize the program to the individual client. For example, you can choose which of the five models is presented first in the Artic and It’s a... series. Many of the titles allow you to choose the words you want to use for a particular client and skip words you don’t want to use. The software is designed fit into your style rather than forcing you to adjust your methods to the software.

Worksheets, Wordlists, and More

Check out the links in the sidebar for more information on each of our programs as well as worksheets, wordlists, and interactive exercises.