“It’s a... Safari”

Take a trip to Africa while improving reading, spelling, and comprehension!

“It’s a... Safari”

“It's a... Safari” is a unique thematic language program that can be used as an extension of the Literacy series. Clients develop stronger phonemic awareness and auditory processing skills as they work with the 100 target words on several levels.

Target Audience: Appropriate for speech, language, literacy development for neurotypical children 5th Grade - Adult. Also appropriate for Children, Pre-Adolescent, Adolescent, and Adults with Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria, Autism, PDD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Language Delay.


“It’s a... Safari”

by LocuTour Multimedia
Windows Only

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“It’s a... Safari” (Windows)

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Information for Professionals:

The African Safari theme ties receptive and expressive language together to make an enjoyable process for reading, listening, and spelling. The reading level is approximately 5th grade. There are 100 pictures organized into 10 groups. Each picture is accompanied by a main idea statement, three informative sentences, and one interpretive question. The target word is broken into syllables and sounds. Finally, the computer can dictate the target word for spelling practice.

Users may choose to have the computer read the stories aloud or to have the client read the stories. Each story is accompanied by a striking visual image of an African scene. The instruction manual gives suggestions on how to teach reading and auditory comprehension using the visual images as memory anchors.

Your Text buttons and voice recording allow the user to individualize the program.

This CD is a thematic approach for improving: auditory perception/processing, auditory memory, naming, language comprehension-secondary, language comprehension-adult, verbal expression-secondary, verbal expression-adult, autism, aphasia, TBI, HOH, and fluency.