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LocuTour's Spanish language CDs allow mono-lingual speech pathologists to provide speech therapy in the child's native language. Spanish Phonology provides phonology remediation based on the specific characteristics of the Spanish language. The other CDs are translations of the Language CDs and provide interesting speech and language exercises for Spanish speaking persons with developmental delay, Aspergers Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Oral Motor problems, Cerebral Palsy, Central Auditory Processing Disorders, Language Processing Disorders, and Visual Perceptual issues. They allow children to receive speech therapy at home in addition to the speech therapy in the school. The speech and language games also extend the child's fund of knowledge while they work on motor skills, language, and speech.

Fonología en Español: Tratamiento

Spanish Phonology: Intervention. These exercises are intended to be a practical resource for the Speech-Language Pathologist working with bilingual or monolingual Spanish speaking children with phonological delay.

Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades

Spanish Phonology: Picture Cards and Carryover Activities is similar to Phonology Tactiles. This CD provides clinicians, paraprofessionals, and parents the ability to print out 141 different stimulus pictures and game boards for supplemental practice.

Palabras Básicas para Los Niños

The words on this CD are the basic words learned in early language development. Many photos have a white background to make it easy for children to distinguish figure/ground. The photos and videos feature children’s toys and clothing. The videos have simple backgrounds and feature children as actors.

“Es ...” Todo

Practice word finding skills using real photographs of food, household objects, animals and other objects that we see everyday.

Spanish Language Combo

Now monolingual Speech-Language Pathologists can provide phonological treatment for their bilingual clients by using the activities on these CD-ROMs. Purchase Fonología en Español: Tratamiento, Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades, Palabras Básicas para Los Niños, and “Es ...” Todo(Windows only) and get started with your Spanish-speaking clients.