Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades

Activities for kinesthetic learners.

Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades

Spanish Phonology: Picture Cards and Carryover Activities is similar to Phonology Tactiles. This CD provides clinicians, paraprofessionals, and parents the ability to print out 141 different stimulus pictures and game boards for supplemental practice.

Target Audience: Appropriate for Spanish-speaking children (L-1) ages 3-8 with impaired speech intelligibility. Based on Spanish Phonological Sound system not a Translation of English. Also appropriate for Spanish speaking children with Autism, PDD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Language Delay.


Fonología en Español: Dibujos y Actividades

by LocuTour Multimedia

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Information for Professionals:

These picture cards are especially appropriate for very young and/or kinesthetic learners. All stimuli are based on the Spanish phonological system.

The Spanish Phonology: Picture Cards & Carryover Activities manual that is on the CD includes songs, rhymes, fingerplays, craft and snack suggestions, reinforcement activities, and a book list for each Spanish phonological pattern. A sample format for conducting therapy sessions and information about modeling and cueing are provided for parents and paraprofessionals.

Take an airplane trip, bowl, feed a clown, fish, play golf, be a mail carrier, sculpt with play dough, build a road, draw, paint, and color! These and many more activities are described on the CD and are designed to make the treatment of phonological disorders fun and effective.

Print color pictures for great “play on the floor” games or send home for speech practice.

Print outlines for your clients to color and make their own 5x8 flashcards.

Written by Kathryn Kohnert, Ph.D. , CCC/SLP and Carol Buteau MA, CCC/SLP